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Boat Detailing

Our goal is to make your Boats and Yacht stand out and be the most eye catching with its spot-free interior and exterior.

With over 14 years of experience in detailing, we only provide 100% satisfaction with the best care and services for your boats. 

Boat detailing vary in price depending on size & Extent of Service.

Boat Detailing Packages

Your Boats and Yacht are normally some of your biggest investments, and proper care is essential and preserving the surfaces and value of your vessel. Boats get dirty and grimy from being in and out of the water as well as salt and sun exposure. Detailing will ensure the gel coat is sealed and protected which will extend the life of your vessel. In order to remove corrosion and preventing future damage to your metal surfaces, it is important for them to be polished professionally. At Super Shine Auto we will ensure your vessel is restored and renewed back to its showroom shine.

Our Price List

Exterior Wash & Dry $3.00 per ft.

Complete wash down including hull, radar equipment, lockers, seats, cushions, accessories and windows. Full chamois dry down.

Interior Cabin Cleaning $35 – $475.00

Depending on size and condition of interior. Heads / showers / sinks cleaned, vacuum, dusting / polishing, state rooms cleaned, beds made, kitchen area, floors, furniture & appliances cleaned.

Buff, & Marine Wax (topside) $10 – $15 per ft.

Machine buff with marine Wax, followed by machine wax and either machine buff or hand polished finish. heavily oxidized boats.

Buff & Wax (topside) $7 – $10 per ft.

Either a machine or hand wax followed by either a machine or hand buff.  Always a two step process. This service is recommended for new boats or boats that are not oxidized.

Buff & Marine Wax (hull) $5 – $7 per ft.

Services  for Boat Detailing

  • Pressure Washing
  • Foam canon presoak
  • Detailed hand wash
  • Bug removal
  • Roof power washed & cleaned
  • Roof conditioned & waxed
  • Machine Buffing
  • Oxidation Removal (compounding)
  • Rubber Roof Treatment
  • Black Streak Removal
  • Wet Sand & Polishing
  • 3M Paint Protection
  • Carpet & Upholstery Steam Clean
  • Complete interior & exterior detail
  • Leather restoration (restoring original colour of the leather)
  • Storage compartments detailed
  • Aluminum & chrome polished
  • Windows cleaned
  • Wet sanding (if needed)
  • Exterior polished
  • Coat of high gloss marine wax top to bottom